07 August 2010

on the prowl for wholesome goodness

So I was at Flor last weekend and we met a lovely family who brought their kids out on a pastry hunt (isn't that a great way to spend a Saturday!). The dad and I talked photography, the mum and I exchanged pâtisserie addresses. And this is how I got to know about Chef Icon Nature Bakery.

Seeing how I had the entire Friday afternoon to myself, I decided to drop by and hopefully pick up one or two of their signature cakes.

The bakery is nestled in a stretch of shophouses along Kampong Bahru Road. It's actually not too difficult to locate if you keep your eyes peeled.
Besides their signature whole cakes, Chef Icon Nature Bakery also offers an enticing selection of wholemeal bread and Japanese snow bread.
After picking up an original Chocolate Travona and strawberry Hokkaido swiss roll, I was hoping to take respite from the scorching afternoon sun in the basement of the bakery. I asked Chef Francis if he was able to slice a small piece of the Chocolate Travona for me to sample there and then. Regrettably, the cake had not defrozen but Chef Francis, being the wonderfully obliging person he is, offered to serve me a slice of the strawberry Hokkaido swiss roll instead.
Strawberry Hokkaido Swiss Roll, Latte
Strawberry Hokkaido Swiss Roll
The strawberry Hokkaido swiss roll is perfect as a warm weather cake. A lusciously moist layer of sponge filled with a heavenly combination of fresh strawberries and cream, it is the kind of cake that makes my heart sing with raptured joy.
After I'd polished off the cake and latte, I indulged in a conversation with Chef Francis over the bakery's counter in between stroll-in customers. He talked about the philosophy behind their bakery and how they insist on baking using only natural ingredients. As such, all their products are free from preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring. You can't help but respect the discipline and commitment of the chefs to their craft (they start baking at 3am!).
Hokkaido Snow Bread
The Hokkaido snow bread is simply divine. Try lightly toasting this before eating it, like what Chef Francis did for me. It's light and airy perfection with creamy cheese and raisins filling.

Original Chocolate Travona
Made with top quality dark chocolate, the original Chocolate Travona had all the hallmarks of a good chocolate cake. It was delightfully dense and rich... pure decadence.

My first visit, but definitely not my last.


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