09 August 2010

tonkatsu delight

After watching "December Rains" at the Esplanade, we stopped by the nearby Saboten at Parco Millenia Walk for dinner. Saboten has been specialising in tonkatsu since 1966 in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The waiter ushered us to a quiet corner in the restaurant, away from the family diners. I was in a miserable state with my scraped knees and twisted ankle, and the extra bit of quiet space was just what I needed to sooth my frayed nerves.

I ordered the tenderloin pork set and the tonkatsu was fried to light crispy perfection. I was suitably impressed.
The lettuce, shirayuki rice, green tea and miso soup were all free flowing. You may choose from the yuzu or sesame sauce as salad dressing.
Authentic Japanese dining coupled with impeccable service? This is the place to be.

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