02 August 2010

weekend wanderers

I excel at aimless wandering, but it can be a little hard convincing people to just go stumbling on little adventures with me. Most of them get frustrated easily without preplans or fixed destinations. So it's a delight to have friends who can keep up with my gypsy ways.

We started out the lazy Saturday afternoon at Flor Pâtisserie. Nothing puts me on edge more than stepping into a cookie-cutter coffee house on a weekend that is swarming with short-tempered baristas and loud-mouthed teens, which is why quiet little gems like Flor (and K ki!) are sheer godsent.

Framboise Chocolate
Berry Berries
Mango Pie
Halfway through dinner at Bon Goût, fireworks started exploding in the skyline in front of me. Of course I grabbed my D90, made a mad dash to the riverside and started snapping away. Fireworks never fail to astound me.

And the night ended with a bottle of Moscato d'Asti in the enjoyment of great company.

Well then, 'til next roaming!

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